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TransMac is a utility for dealing with Mac hard drives and CD/DVDs
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TransMac is a utility for dealing with Mac hard drives and CD/DVDs. The Mac uses a different partition format than Windows or Linux. It is not accessible under Windows or other operating systems. TransMac allows you to browse hard drives or disc media with the HFS+ partition format.

It is a very basic utility. It has two panels, one with the available devices connected to the computer and the other one allows you to browse the contents of said devices. You can browse HFS+ volumes just like you would your own FAT32 or NTFS volumes, but you can't search. You can open any file, rename or even copy files to other hard drives. Drag and drop is supported, and it makes things much easier.

TransMac has a CD/DVD burner built-in, so you can burn media that will be readable in Windows or on Mac. Or both if you use the right format.

The browsing speed is very good. I hardly noticed any slow-downs or sluggishness. Copying and opening files was almost as quick as doing it on a Mac. I noticed that you have to restart the program every time a new device is connected, or it won't detect it. That is not a big nuisance.

Perhaps my favorite feature other than HFS+ support is the app's ability to read and create DMG images under Windows.

José Fernández
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  • Burner and image creator and reader


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