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TransMac is a handy tool that lets you work with DMG files
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TransMac is a handy tool that lets you open Mac disk drives, flash drives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray media, high-density diskettes, .dmg, and .sparseimage files. DMG is the typical Apple disk image format used in the Mac OS X operating system; and in order to open and extract the contents of these files in other operating systems, such as Windows, you need specialized tools. TransMac is the most popular of these specialized tools.

TransMac lets you load DMG images, view their contents, and extract any file to any location on your Windows computer. It also allows editing these Mac disks and DMG images, as it enables you to add new files to them. Additionally, TransMac allows you to convert DMG images into ISO, and also create new DMG images. Last but not least, there‚Äôs a simple disc burning tool included, so burning ISO and DMG files directly to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray is also possible.

As you can see, despite being simple and a bit minimalistic, this application has a lot of powerful features. It works as intended, without any errors and flaws, so TransMac is a tool worth having.

Margie Smeer
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  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Can also convert DMG to ISO images.
  • Can burn images to disks


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